Schedulad Shared Trasnfer

Door-to-door shuttle services with pre-established pick-up times offered by Airportransferservices

Clients may book one or  more seats in a determined type of vehicle at a pre-established departure time;  in this manner, the transfer may be shared with other passengers and will depart at one of the hours offered by Airportransferservices and chosen by the client.

The client understands that during the transfer, the shuttle may effect short detours or stops in order to pick-up or drop-off other passengers, or transfer passengers from one vehicle to another during the trip. Clients are requested to be at the meeting point at least ten minutes before the departure time as described on their booking.

Door-to-door shuttle service with pre-established pick-up times is normally offered with an 8-seater minivan, but in certain cases may also be made with buses having up to a 20-passengers seating capacity.